Data Protection Statement

General information

A50 Express (trading under A50 Office Furniture Limited) (The Company) is GDPR compliant

Only necessary personal information is obtained and held for the legal running of the business.

Only necessary competent members of staff will have access to this personal data.

No personal data is passed to a third party without prior written consent being obtained.

No personal data is sold to a third party under any circumstances.

An opt in system is in place for Customers who wish to be contacted following the completion of a contract.

Hard copy personal data

Personal information is kept in cabinets that are locked overnight. The keys are kept in a locked safe, which is in a locked room.

Computer copy personal data

All Company computers holding personal data are password protected.

The Company Accounts computer is protected by a unique password.

All computers have firewall and virus checking software installed which is updated as necessary.

Storing old data information

Following completion of your contract with us your personal data will be held in storage that is locked overnight.

All personal data will be kept for a period of 7 years unless otherwise requested by yourself.

At the end of this period all personal data will be destroyed by burning/shredding by an authorised staff member.


This is a non-contractual document. The Company reserves the right to review, amend or replace its content.